Automated Backlink/SEO Reports

SaaS | Desktop

Designing automated reports with custom selected metrics for Monitor Backlinks.

Advanced Conditional Filters

SaaS | Desktop

Redesigning filters to be more accessible and robust.

Leave Wizard

SaaS | Desktop

Integrating onboarding into the application and simplifying navigation.

Social Tools

SaaS | Desktop

Simplifying and redesigning onboarding to provide better guidance.


Easy Reorder Page

eCommerce | mWeb, iOS, Desktop

Modernizing Easy Reorder stylistically and adding the ability to cross-sell.


Easy Reorder Homepage Carousel

eCommerce | mWeb, iOS, Desktop

Creating an Easy Reorder carousel that is easy to shop for the home page.

iOS App Tab Bar

eCommerce | iOS

Switching iOS app navigation from a hamburger menu to a tab bar.

Site Chrome

eCommerce | Desktop

Reorganizing and standardizing site headers across all 6 Quidsi sites.


Lumo Lift App Redesign

Consumer App | iOS

Making the Lumo Lift app user-friendly and following iOS conventions.


eCommerce Templates

eCommerce | Mobile & Desktop

Templates for top eCommerce pages, incorporating best practices.

Responsive Components

All-purpose | Mobile & Desktop

Responsive components that are easy to configure.

Web Style Guide

All-purpose | Mobile & Desktop

Standardized colors and UI elements defined across all platforms.