• 3 years of UX design and user testing for eCommerce and SaaS SMBs at GobySavy
  • 2.5 years of UX design and user testing at Quidsi, a subsidiary of Amazon
  • Bachelor's degree from the Wharton School of Business with concentrations in Marketing and Operations


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Easy Reorder Page

eCommerce | Desktop, mWeb, iOS

Modernizing Easy Reorder stylistically and adding the ability to cross-sell.


Leave Wizard

SaaS | Desktop

Integrating onboarding into the application and simplifying navigation.

Automated Backlink/SEO Reports

SaaS | Desktop

Designing automated reports with custom selected metrics for Monitor Backlinks.

Advanced Conditional Filters

SaaS | Desktop

Redesigning filters to be more accessible and robust.


Almost all projects involved user testing, but below are projects with the biggest insights.

Easy Reorder Page

Moderated Testing
eCommerce | Desktop, mWeb, iOS

Modernizing Easy Reorder stylistically and adding the ability to cross-sell.


iOS App Tab Bar

Moderated Testing
eCommerce | iOS

Switching iOS app navigation from a hamburger menu to a tab bar.

Social Tools

Remote Moderated Testing
SaaS | Desktop

Simplifying and redesigning onboarding to provide better guidance.

Lumo Lift User Research

Customer Feedback & Reviews
Consumer App | iOS

User testing with 3 potential users and summarizing feedback from user reviews.

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Ryan, Founder & Owner

"Over the last 2 years Jessica has helped our agency with UX designs, CRO, and project and client management. She is a talented, versatile, curious individual that has helped our agency grow and created many happy clients for us! I'm most impressed with her ability to take on any activity, from challenging SaaS designs, to eCommerce optimization, to UX research, to even humorous marketing efforts, and completely crush it. She always finds the best solution and always does her due diligence. All in all, we'll be working with Jessica for years to come, and I highly recommend her."

Nicole, UX Team Lead

"I highly recommend Jessica. She joined Quidsi as an intern on the UX team, but within a few weeks, we knew we’d extend a full-time offer. Jessica demonstrated a strong work ethic, diligence, and initiative.

When Jessica returned to Quidsi as a full-time UX designer, she gained experience and expertise in many facets of user experience: from conducting in-person moderated user testing, creating and maintaining a style guide, to ideating, prototyping and developing new product ideas.

Jessica is curious, independent, collaborative and committed to delivering a great experience for the user. She’s able to juggle multiple projects and deliver them with excellence. Jessica is also a strong cultural contributor. She participated in numerous Quidsi clubs and jumped at volunteering opportunities in the community.

I’d hire her again in a minute."